In a project for Glencore (as Xstrata) at Kidd Mine, BESTECH was instrumental in designing and implementing a state-of-the-art 7.5 MW cooling plant.

Our expertise was crucial in integrating complex systems like refrigeration machines and bulk air coolers, ensuring the plant operated efficiently and safely. Our comprehensive approach, from electrical design conversion to custom PLC and HMI programming, showcased our ability to meet stringent technical and safety standards in industrial environments.

Glencore required the installation of a 7.5 MW ammonia-based cooling plant at Kidd Mine. The project demanded comprehensive electrical, instrumentation, and automation designs to integrate various systems of the cooling plant.

BESTECH was responsible for the complete electrical, instrumentation, and automation designs for the cooling plant. Our team focused on the integration of key systems like refrigeration machines, bulk air coolers, and evaporator pumps, ensuring efficient operation. We also converted the electrical design from Australian to Ontario standards and handled the commissioning and training.

Key Features:

  • Conversion of electrical design to meet Ontario standards.
  • Design and installation of a 13.8 kV pole line and transformer substation.
  • Implementation of a 5 kV compressor soft starter and prefabricated e-house.
  • Offsite pre-commissioning of the e-house.
  • Integration of ammonia detection for safety.
  • Design of HVAC systems for the refrigeration machine building.
  • Installation of an emergency exhaust air system.
  • Custom PLC and HMI programming.

Completed between 2004 and 2005, the project successfully installed a sophisticated cooling plant at Kidd Mine. The plant’s integration of advanced technology and safety systems, managed by BESTECH, significantly enhanced the operational efficiency and safety standards at the mine.