Company:North American Palladium

Dewatering System Upgrade for Lac Des Iles Mine

In the challenging environment of Thunder Bay, Ontario, BESTECH rose to the occasion, reengineering the dewatering system of North American Palladium's Lac Des Iles Mine. Our meticulous study and innovative design transformed the mine’s ability to handle substantial water influx, crucial for its sublevel cave mining method. By integrating advanced dewatering pumps, robust piping systems, and strategic water storage solutions, we not only optimized the mine's operational capacity but also fortified it against environmental challenges. This project is a testament to BESTECH's prowess in delivering tailored, resilient engineering solutions, ensuring our clients’ operations remain efficient and safe under any conditions.

North American Palladium required an advanced dewatering system for the Lac Des Iles mine, which had evolved from an open-pit to a sophisticated underground operation. The challenge was to design a system capable of handling the region’s significant rain and snowfall, especially during spring run-off, to prevent mine flooding.

BESTECH conducted a detailed engineering study, focusing on enhancing the underground dewatering system and installing new water storage facilities, dams, and pump stations. Our team developed a robust design that not only improved the system efficiency but also significantly increased its capacity to manage peak water flow, eliminating the risk of flooding.

Key Features:

  • Specification and engineering of an upgraded dewatering pump system.
  • Piping design connecting pump stations to the shaft.
  • Construction of two concrete dams for underground water storage.
  • Design of a comprehensive piping system for effective water discharge.
  • Innovative thrust block design for underground pipe bracing and collar support.
  • Creation of a dewatering pump foundation for enhanced stability.

Completed between 2014 and 2015, this project provided Lac Des Iles with a safe, high-capacity dewatering and water storage solution. The new system significantly improved the safety and operational efficiency of the underground mine, ensuring it could effectively manage the challenging environmental conditions.