The Nickel Rim surface intake fans project consisted of the installation of two parallel fans complete with mine air gas heaters. BESTECH’s role on this project included working on the owner’s team as an adviser for the electrical system design and as the main PLC and HMI programming team. The scope also included commissioning, post system startup support and development of the “Operating, Maintenance and Surveillance Manual.”

The system consists of the following components:

  • Three (3) 450 HP Howden Buffalo fans controlled by Allen Bradley VFD
  • Each fan is equipped with a gas fired mine air heater (37.0 MMBTHU)
  • Three (3) electrically operated isolation dampers
  • Three (3) Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC
  • Local Rockwell RSView SE HMI station
  • Operations Centre Rockwell RSView SE HMI station

The surface intake fans controls ensure that an adequate quantity and quality of fresh air is delivered to underground areas. The three surface intake fans operate in parallel with each other to achieve ideal mine air flow. During the winter months, the air is heated using direct-fired mine air heaters before it is sent underground.