Overflow Automation Support Projects for Nickel Refinery and Stobie Mine

BESTECH updated the program and function for the Nickel Refinery Converter’s PGST laser levels and automated the chemical addition system at Stobie Mine’s water treatment pump house. Our work involved integrating these systems with the new PLC and ensuring they met operational requirements, improving efficiency and automation at both sites.

The client required updates to the automation systems at two key locations: the Nickel Refinery Converter (NRC) and the Stobie Mine Whitson Lake water treatment pump house. These updates were necessary to improve efficiency and functionality in line with new operational requirements.

BESTECH provided advanced automation support for these projects. For the NRC, we updated the program and function of the PGST laser levels. At the Stobie Mine, we designed a new program to automate the chemical addition system for the water treatment pump house, ensuring it matched the client’s functional description and integrated seamlessly with the new PLC.

Key Features:

  • Upgrading the NRC PGST laser level programs for enhanced precision and reliability.
  • Designing and implementing an automated chemical addition system at Stobie Mine.
  • Tailoring automation solutions to match specific functional requirements and new PLC systems.
  • Focusing on system efficiency and operational effectiveness.

These projects significantly improved the automation capabilities at both the Nickel Refinery and Stobie Mine, enhancing operational efficiency, precision, and safety. The successful implementation of these systems demonstrated BESTECH’s proficiency in delivering customized automation solutions in complex industrial environments.