Comprehensive Power Studies for Vale's North Atlantic Operations

In a sweeping initiative across Vale's North Atlantic operations, BESTECH's expertise was at the forefront, conducting extensive power studies at numerous critical sites. From High Falls to Voisey’s Bay, our team meticulously analyzed and evaluated the electrical systems, ensuring not only compliance with the highest safety standards but also optimizing system efficiency. Each site presented unique challenges, met with tailored solutions that reduced risks, improved coordination, and enhanced fault tolerance. This project underscores BESTECH's commitment to delivering innovative, practical solutions in power management, marking a significant stride in the pursuit of operational excellence and safety in the mining and metallurgical industry.

Vale required extensive power studies across various sites within their North Atlantic organization, addressing the need for thorough electrical safety and system efficiency evaluations.

Under a three-year contract, BESTECH conducted power studies at key Vale sites, including mines, smelters, and tailings areas. Our expert team performed short circuit calculations, device evaluations, protective device coordination, and arc flash studies for diverse operating scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Detailed power studies at significant Vale sites such as High Falls, Big Eddy, Frood Mine, Coleman Mine, and more.
  • Comprehensive analyses including short circuit calculations and protective device evaluations.
  • Arc flash studies tailored to specific operational conditions.
  • Comprehensive reports adhering to Vale standards, complete with QR-coded arc-flash labels.

Our final reports outlined critical risks and key recommendations, focusing on code compliance issues and coordination concerns. Recommendations included mitigation strategies for reduced incident energy, improved coordination approaches, and equipment upgrades for enhanced fault tolerance. These recommendations provided Vale with innovative solutions for device selectivity and set new standards in electrical safety and efficiency.