Project:Power Systems


As part of the Vale power studies three-year contract, BESTECH completed multiple power studies at various Vale sites in the North Atlantic organization. Site locations included:
• High Falls No.1 & No.2
• Big Eddy
• Nairn Falls
• Wabageshik Falls
• Frood Mine No.3 Shaft
• Frood Mill, Surface & U/G
• Stobie Mine Surface & U/G
• CCM South Mine
• CCM North Mine
• Totten Mine
• Coleman Mine
• Creighton
• Smelter (CC3, CC6, CC1, CC13-CC16)
• Tailings (Tailings No.1, No.3, P-Area, Hill station, Vermillion WTP)
• Creighton Deep
• Voisey’s Bay

The studies inlcuded:

  • Short circuit calculations
  • Device evaluations
  • Protective device coordination
  • Arc flash studies for various operating scenarios The results of each study were detailed in a report completed as per Vale standards and included arc-flash labels with QR codes. Our final reports included critical risks and key recommendations. Main risks identified were code compliance issues and coordination concerns.
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