Smelter Roasters Upgrade at Smelter Facility

In a crucial project for a smelter facility, BESTECH upgraded the #2, #3, and #4 roaster burners to meet the latest safety standards. Our comprehensive approach included replacing valve trains, installing new safety features, and implementing automated controls. These upgrades significantly improved the safety and efficiency of the roasters, ensuring compliance with the Technical Safety and Standards Association’s requirements and safeguarding the future operation of the plant.

The smelter facility faced a challenge with its #2, #3, and #4 roaster burner systems, which no longer met the legislative requirements set by the Technical Safety and Standards Association (TSSA). The equipment’s varying ages and lack of updated information complicated compliance with TSSA approval.

BESTECH was responsible for bringing these roaster burners into compliance with legislative requirements. This involved replacing valve trains for each roaster and re-roaster with automated controls and monitoring systems. Our team also replaced check valves, added flow monitoring switches to the oil system, and updated the oil, natural gas, and air piping. A key improvement was the addition of new automatic ignition systems to enhance safety during the pre-heat sequence.

Key Features:

  • Replacement of valve trains with automated controls and monitoring.
  • Installation of new check valves and flow monitoring switches.
  • Updating of oil, natural gas, and air piping around each burner.
  • Addition of new automatic ignition systems for improved safety.
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering to ensure compliance with TSSA standards.

Through these upgrades, BESTECH ensured the future safety of the plant and its employees, bringing the roaster burner systems into compliance with current legislative standards. The project not only enhanced operational safety but also improved efficiency and reliability of the roasting process.