The #2, #3 and #4 roaster burner system no longer met legislative requirements. As legislative requirements of the Technical Safety and Standards Association (TSSA) were developed, the roaster burner equipment was not adequately upgraded. The varying ages of the equipment made it difficult to obtain all the necessary information on the gas train components ultimately required for TSSA approval. The #2, #3, and #4 roaster burners were fed by both oil and natural gas.

The oil burners were used during the pre-heat sequence and the natural gas burners during the normal operation of the roaster. To meet the legislative requirements the valve trains for each roaster and re-roaster were replaced complete with the automated controls and monitoring. In addition, the check valves for each lance were also replaced, flow monitoring switches for the oil system were added, and the oil, natural gas, and air piping around each burner were replaced. Furthermore, new automatic ignition system was added to each roaster to avoid the safety hazard of having operators manually light the burners for the pre-heat sequence. All the upgrades were required to ensure the future safety of the plant and all its employees. BESTECH completed the preliminary and detailed engineering complete the system upgrades including the functional sequencing, programming, and commissioning.