Automation Upgrade for Underground Process Water System at Vale’s Totten Mine

In a pivotal project at Vale’s Totten Mine, BESTECH redefined excellence in underground water management systems. Our team of automation experts embarked on a journey to modernize and enhance the mine's process water system, integrating it with the sophisticated standards of Industry 4.0. By delivering a series of innovative solutions – from in-shaft pressure control to new water distribution mechanisms – we not only met the technical and regulatory standards but also set a new benchmark in operational efficiency and safety. This project exemplifies BESTECH's ability to innovate in challenging environments, ensuring our clients lead the way in industrial automation and sustainable resource management.

Vale needed expert assistance to enhance the pressure monitoring and flow distribution control within the underground process water system at their Totten Mine.

BESTECH’s automation experts revamped the mine’s dewatering and process water systems. Our novel approach, aligned with Industry 4.0 concepts, focused on modernizing the mine’s operations. We meticulously reviewed the existing system, evaluated modification options, and recommended the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Key Features:

  • In-shaft level Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) stations with communication infrastructure.
  • Selection of cutting-edge equipment and implementation of an automated control strategy.
  • Design of new water distribution valve stations for active mining levels.
  • Creation of a mid-shaft regulator station for effective shaft water pressure management.
  • Compliance with Vale standards and TSSA regulations.

This project resulted in the successful modernization of the water management system at Vale’s Totten Mine, ensuring safer and more reliable water distribution. Our solution not only optimized the mine’s operations but also integrated seamlessly with existing automation and control systems in the local control room.